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Maintain Your HVAC System With Duct Cleaning

Your home's HVAC system keeps the environment of your home comfortable. Warm in the winter months and cool is the summer months - it works year round to control.

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Duct Cleaning Is Part Of Air Quality Annual Periodic Testing

Air quality annual periodic testing provides protection against indoor air contamination. Sometimes, indoor contamination produces signs, like odd smells, or illnesses in occupants. Sometimes, it produces no signs at all because contaminants are invisible. Duct cleaning is critical to maintaining clean air in the home.

Duct cleaning prevents the occurrence of allergic rhinitis. The Canadian Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Foundation has data suggesting that the condition afflicts twenty-five percent of Canadians. Conditions that aggravate the problem include outdoor and indoor contaminants, contamination of building fabric, and poor ventilation. Clean ducts prevent all of those conditions.

Several pollutants can collect inside ducts. Mold is the most common. It grows within ducts or on heating and cooling system parts. It may grow on insulation that surrounds ducts. Removing mold from ducts will help, but mold will recur if the cause of growth is never eradicated.

Mold is not the only pollutant that can occur inside a duct. Rodents and vermin can infest ducts. Dirt and debris from HVAC supply registers can be released into the home. Pet hair and outdoor allergens can collect inside ducts.

A duct cleaning involves more than just duct work. It may include the cleaning of any HVAC component in a forced air system. These components include supply and return ducts. They may include diffusers, cooling and heating coils, and grilles. They may include fans, air handling units, and drip pans.

Cleaning technicians discharge debris and dirt with special tools. They vacuum dislodged pollutants with a high-powered machine. Some apply a chemical biocide inside of ducts and on top of heating components. Some apply sealants to stop the release of dirt and fibers. Some apply encapsulants that bar the growth of mold.

Good technicians have several characteristics. Many have certification from NATE (North American Technician Excellence) or NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association). They provide good references and have clean records with the Better Business Bureau and local consumer affairs organizations. They carry appropriate licensure. They provide estimates that include a timetable if they charge by the hour. They inform homeowners of any possible interruptions in the work schedule.

Property owners should ask their technician some important questions. They might ask about their level of experience with a particular HVAC system. They might ask if they comply with NADCA standards. They might ask what steps they take to protect people, homes, and pets from contaminants released during cleaning.

Property owners should monitor technicians' work. Good technicians open all access ports to make sure the entire system is maintained. They alert homeowners to the presence of asbestos. Their vacuums are either HEPA machines, or their exhaust systems send pollutants outdoors. Technicians use soft-bristled brushes when cleaning fiberglass. They repair any holes in ducts or surrounding insulation. They take care of carpet and home furnishings.

Annual duct cleanings are part of the air quality annual periodic testing process. They prevent the intrusion of mold and other allergens into indoor air. They prevent insects and rodents from living inside ducts. They eradicate pollutants according to established industry standards.

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Maintain Your HVAC System With Duct Cleaning Charlotte NC

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