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Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning In My Home.

An air duct is a cylindrical or a square shaped tube which is used to carry cool and hot air into different rooms around the house. It is a part of the home ventilation and air conditioning system. Pressure is the driving force here, which steers the air around the air duct system. Air ducts are generally made out of sheet metal. The vents are strategically placed around different rooms in the house in order to provide air according to the requirements of the room.

If your air duct system is not properly installed, operated and maintained there might be problems occurring in the future. Components of your cooling and heating system may get tarnished with dust and debris. These components are the main cause behind the air flow across the rooms, so the dust contamination can make the air in the duct polluted, resulting in pollution across different rooms around the house. Due to exposure of air duct systems to the household air dust, debris and hair can also end up in the duct system. This can happen due to the return ducts which feeds air into the furnace.
If you are facing the above problems you will need proper air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning will help you to remove dust, debris, pet dander and hair from the system. Proper cleaning might also result in removal of odd objects like coins, stationary items and small toys which might have been accidentally dropped in the air duct system. Good cleaning ensures improvement in the overall indoor air quality.

There are examples of water getting in to the air duct system through condensation or leakage. If something like this happens, you need to get your air ducts cleaned immediately as this can cause growth of molds in the system. Depending on the severity of the mold you need to take some action. First of all you need to find the cause behind the leakage or condensation and get it fixed. Secondly you need to disinfect the air duct system depending on the mold spread. If it is very severe then the best solution is to get rid of the present air duct system and get a new one.

Another way to keep the air ducts clean without much fuss is to replace the filter on the furnace. This prevents dirt and debris from accumulating in the heating ventilation and air conditioning system also known as HVAC system. Filtering replacement ensures less accumulation of dust, but it cannot prevent it from settling in. This method was suggested by the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation. Return ducts accumulate a lot of dust compared to the supply ducts. So the return ducts need to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can hire a professional vacuum cleaning company in order to clean the return duct or vacuum it yourself after removing the outside grill.

If a construction work is going on in your house then accumulation of particles like debris, fiberglass and sawdust can take place in your air duct system. This accumulation causes blockage which in turn can affect the air flow to your furnace. So in this case you might also consider air duct cleaning to ensure proper flow of air in the house.

Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning In My Home

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