Air Duct Cleaning - Why Do I Need It And Who Does Air Duct Cleaning Anyway

Air duct cleaning fix that smellOne of the most important procedures in homeowner maintenance is air duct cleaning. Although it can be a difficult process for someone without experience, there are many providers of such a service that can do the job quickly and efficiently. Air duct cleaning is something that needs to be done by an HVAC professional only and if it is not, can lead to additional and unexpected problems. Not only can improper cleaning of air ducts lead to other issues, not getting the air ducts cleaned can lead to harmful mold.

The process of air duct cleaning is more involved than it may appear upon first glance. All types of harmful things can be in your air ducts undetected for years. Things such as mold, rodents, insects, and debris can be a bio hazard so professionals need to be properly prepared when entering the ducts to remove these items. Furthermore, in this process, it is important that the homeowner be aware that some items such as sheet metal for the ducts, insulation, and hardware might need to be removed and replaced to have a completely clean and safe system. It is also important to note that the cleaning of air ducts may reveal a larger problem within one of the major system components, such as: fans, coil systems, and heat/cooling ex-changers. Although these major components may need replacing, it will be more inexpensive in the long run and keep the air in the household household safe from harmful particles, dust, and invisible, airborne, biological agents.

After all harmful items have been removed and the ducts have been completely cleaned, the service provider may suggest a more effective and semi-permanent solution to harmful dirt in the homeowner's AC/Heating System. Sealants and other chemicals applied to the air ducts can keep hazardous materials from entering ones breathing spaces. Keeping out such contaminants in a more permanent fashion will eliminate repeated air duct cleaning visits from one's HVAC professional, thus saving more money for the home owner. It cannot be said enough that this process must be done by a professional and nobody else. Specific quarantine and sealing procedures are a science and if done improperly, can introduce harmful and hazardous particles to the air in the home and can lead to serious health problems.

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